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Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer CLA1
The Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer is a powerful random access analyzer that performs a variety of assays, with panels that include anemia, cardiovascular, reproductive, thyroid, infectious disease, blood virus, skeletal, tumor markers and speciality. Its carousel design allows easy placement of both samples and reagents. Combining state-of-the-art chemiluminescent technology with broad menu, the Access system is ideal for delivering profile testing to the core lab or STAT and emergency testing to the rapid response/STAT lab.
With an intuitive operator interface, enhanced sample handling and innovative menu, Chemiluminescent Immunoassay system delivers new levels of laboratory efficiency, standardization and cost effectiveness. A new features on the Chemiluminescent Immunoassay offer laboratories a flexible option for immunoassay testing.
Assay Types
·Uniform phase:Magnetic particle 
·Solid phase:coated reaction cuvette
·Compatible1step/2step method
Sampling System
·Throughput 400 tests/hour constant
·Automatic calibration
·Needle system:4 
·Sample needle Carryover: None
·Sample volume:5-150 μl (1μl step)
·Volume of sample tube:120 Continuous loading available
·Onboard volume of reaction cuvette:1600
·Proprietary onboard dilution 
·Stores control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots for QC
·STAT testing capability:Any position 
·Clot detection
·Bar Code:Laser bar code reader,Formats: Code bar, Code 128
Reagent System 
·Magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection technology achieves wide analytical range and fast assay processing
·Reagent dispense volume: 5-35
mL per reagent (in 1mL increments)
·Reagent storage capacity:64 position refrigerated reagents (18 °C or less) each for reagent.

·Calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available
·Automatic reassay of out-of-range samples     
·Reagent Bar Code:RFID Reader and Laser bar code reader
Measuring system  Photon counter: PMT 
·Spectrum range:350~650nm 
·Measuring time:0.1~10 Sec 
·Interference between wells:less than 1×10-6 
·Substrate noise:0RLU—100RLU/S 
·Linear range:1RLU—2.5×106 
Interface   LIS interface, RS-232